Manpower Outsourcing

NR Switch N Radio Services, over the years has assimilated Technical Knowhow and expertise which has enabled it to create Intellectual Capital which is being constantly replenished by its Training Department.

Today we are an active and vibrant partner for OEMs and outsource trained personnel in large quantities at all levels. Our resources go through our in-house training on our task based services and regular training sessions and that makes us different from a simple manpower supplying agency.

In this model, the manpower remains on the payroll of NR Switch N Radio Services and the resources are assigned to the customer. This model is ideal for customers who either need a solution for peaks in their requirements or have a long term requirement but don't want the additional burden of head-counts on their books.

Following are a few examples of the technical skill sets that we are able to provide with relatively short lead times

  1. Alarm Monitoring in Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  2. BTS Engineers
  3. Drive Test Technicians
  4. Electricians
  5. Riggers and Technicians
  6. RF Engineers
  7. Switch Engineers
  8. Transmission Engineers

NR Switch N Radio Services will take care of all resource management issues (Recruitment, Pay rolling, Daily allowances, re-imbursements) and continuous skill enhancement of these resources.

Depending on customer's requirement, NR Switch N Radio Services can provide office space, tools (lap-tops, mobiles, tool-kits) and test equipments (Site master, VSWR Meters etc) as a part of the package.

Sourcing and Recruitment Services

This is a model requiring relatively lower involvement from NR Switch N Radio Services. In this model, we shall understand customer's requirement and facilitate the sourcing and recruitment process. The resources will be on customer's payroll.

Our Major Achievements

Today we have more than 2000 resources deployed to various OEMs all over India in various fields