Network Planning

Our Network planning and optimization services encompasses the entire gamut of services from Planning till Optimization of 2G ,3G and LTE services.

Over the years NR Switch N Radio Services has executed major projects in the field of End to End RF and Tx design and implementation which comprises

  1. Model Tuning & CW Test
  2. Nominal Planning
  3. Site Surveys (both RF & LOS)
  4. Generation of Prediction Plots and comparison with Nominal Planning
  5. Pre Launch Drive & Optimization.
  6. Post Launch Drive and Optimization and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) maintenance
  7. Transmission Planning and Optimization.
  8. RF Audits to access reasons for Low traffic.
  9. EMF (Electro Magnetic Force) measurements and calculation to ascertain emissions are within ICNIR norms.

Besides this, NR Switch N Radio Services has also executed major projects in Multi Operator Benchmarking where 2G & 3G voice, 2G & 3G Data has been comparatively measured and statistically scored as per International Scales and suggestions for KPI adherence and improvements made.

Our RF & Tx department comprises valuable experienced talent which is has presently grown to a impressive strength to cater to our various needs in India and overseas.These resources are a mix of Radio network planners, transmission network planners and technicians for drive tests and site survey activities.

Our major clientele comprises

  1. Major OEMs like NSN, ZTE, Huawei, ALU
  2. Large Operators like Aircel, Airtel, Uninor, Vediocon etc

A few examples of our major achievements in RF; TX Planning and Implementation are mentioned below

  1. End to End RF & TX Planning and Optimization for various operators in India in 2G
  2. SCFT & Optimization for 3G networks for Reliance and Tata through Huawei
  3. CW Test for multiple operators for 3G; WiMax networks in various circles in India
  4. Term Testing for Uninor and also for MTS, Aircel and Vediocon
  5. RF audits of in Western and Northern India for Airtel to determine reasons for low traffic during Best Busy hours
  6. Multioperator Competitive Benchmarking for several large circles for various operators like Aircel, Airtel and TRAI (through IMRB)

Besides the above NR Switch N Radio Services also provisions trained RF manpower on outsource basis to OEMs